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Additional Investing Resources

Internet Discount Brokerages

Dreyfus One of the best places to find low commissions for options trades with most trades $15.

E*Trade Offers stock and option trades and some volume trading discounts.

 Internet Research Sites

Allstocks The Investor and Traders Web Site. Just about everything an Online Investor or DayTrader needs.

Beating The Trend - Stock Trading System Short on time? This site offers a simple but powerful guide to profitable online stock and options trading using technical analysis of charts. Free trading tips. This is a great site for stock and bond updates throughout the day. They update constantly and for just $6.95 a month (30 day free trial) you can monitor numerous stocks, find out what is moving them, plus other features. It's a fun read whether you monitor during the day or just want to catch up in the evenings.

CBOE The Chicago Board Options Exchange. This site has a wealth of information from one of the exchanges that executes your option orders. Worth a visit; plus they offer much in the way of free information and inexpensive trading resources.

Daytraders of Orange County Information for short-term trading. Has bi-monthly meetings and other information.

Daytraders On-Line Information and services for people day trading stocks or doing short-term investing in the market. Members receive timely market research and broadcast of stock tips and news. Free Two Week Trial is available. Market timing of mutual funds. Daily recommendations.

Green & Company, Inc. Publish a popular "Trader Tax Guide" for Internet traders. Also discussion and benefits of qualifying for trader tax status. Plenty of free information is published and updated at their website.

GreenJungle A free educational resource site for individual investors, clients and professional investment advisors.

Insider Review An investment newsletter that uses legal insider trading to consistently outperform the market averages. Also provides free stock picks.

Investors House A free online financial and investment search engine!

MarketGuide A low-cost (under $10 a month) research site that offers plenty of information on virtually any stock we might trade. You'll find an array of research and informational tools on this site.

Market News Online News you can trade on. An interesting site with several services for investors including stock split notification systems and other trading systems to suit different trading styles. is a powerful stock screening and chart analysis system. Comprehensive stock screens are performed on commonly recognized fundamental and technical indicators. And it's free!

Penny Stock Portal FREE stock profiles, over 200 investment links and more! They research undervalued or undiscovered small cap, micro cap and OTC BB penny stocks. Subscribe to FREE newsletter and receive their penny picks straight to your inbox!

Rookie DayTrader Your step-by-step guide to learning to day trade, position trade, and invest in today's markets.

SectorUpdates This investment "supersite" provides you with sector-related investment news and commentary. They focus on sectors such as technology, energy and biotech & pharmaceutical stocks.

Stock Maven Stock research center, real time quotes and news, live financial markets data, and research tools to evaluate and track stocks of publicly held companies. - The Ultimate Financial Directory.

WallStreetCity This excellent site from Telescan, Inc. offers individual investors extensive tools for fundamental and technical analysis, in-depth portfolio management and access to many powerful securities search techniques.

Stock Picks

Candlestick Shop Daily stock picks for short term traders using Japanese Candlestick Patterns. Free Play of the Day picks; Glossary of candlestick terms and definitions; Traders Forum; Extensive list of stock picks based on daily patterns; Free 30 day trial.

Doh! A totally free site that takes the frustration out of picking stocks and doing company research on the web.

Equinox Investments Researches and profiles small cap stocks that we consider vastly undervalued and that have an excellent opportunity to double in price during the next twelve months. Each month we e-mail our subscribers extensive profiles of specific stocks along with target buying and selling ranges. Free Trial Issue.

Gamehunter Automated Stock Picks!

HotStocks Your guide to the Market's hottest stocks.

Market Radar Identifies stocks likely to move in the next 3-12 weeks. Presents buys and sells. Updated weekly, interim alerts sent via e-mail. Free 30-day trial available.

Right Stock Right Time Low priced stock recommendations. Presents developing issues based on technical analysis. Free e-mail bulletin service.

Stockz Known primarily for their stock and option picks,'s purpose is to assist the individual investor by providing research, whisper numbers, charts, stock picks, and more. Daily Newsletter advising Stock and Option Traders. Their site provides tons of financial data as well as their popular "Market 'Rap". They offer their subscribers picks for Options to trade and hold themselves accountable. They trade these options with real money and track them closely for their subscribers to follow. This is a specialized service with terms like "covered calls, puts, strike prices, etc." but those who understand these terms love their service.

Traders@Work Build a fortune with day trading!

Investment Communities

AdvisorWorks The premiere on-line Community of Investment Professionals. A community financial portal.

Internet Quote Sites The online trader's dream site! is an online trading content site with streaming real-time quotes, real-time news from Dow Jones and Reuters, streaming CNBC video all throughout the trading day, robust stock screeners, institutional "piggybacking" and much, much more. Incredibly content-rich, but extremely user-friendly, with a 30-day FREE trial.

E-Signal Another fine choice with their new internet service and software.

PC Quote Offers a good connection with the Personal Stock Monitor software mentioned below. Also has a high-speed, PC Quote 6.0 service available.

Yahoo! The fun guys at Yahoo! have put together quite a site for investors. It offers amazing speed (20 minute delayed), instant access to the latest news on your stocks, plus a new feature: graphs. Definitely worth a bookmark.

Portfolio, Tracking, Technical Analysis and Option Valuation Software

AbleSys (e)ASCTrend Their Universal Trading System shows you when and how to trade. Emotional, discretionary, subjective and traditional trading decisions are the major obstacles in trading, but with AbleSys, you can have precise and objective real time or next bar(day) target buy/sell prices that could be validated by back testing results. You can gain confidence in your trading strategy and in yourself, and have expected results if you follow the system in a highly disciplined manner. All you need to do is to know how to take the Trading Signals and execute the orders. - NEW! The Elliott Wave Analyzer II! produces a suite of world-class stocks and futures trading software, including eVantage, LifeStyle, The Elliott Wave Analyzer, and The Collective, but their most popular product by far is the newly-released (2001) Elliott Wave Analyzer II, which is out-numbering all their other products by more than 50 to one.

The Elliott Wave Analyzer II - Today, the Wave Principle is one of the most powerful and widely accepted methods of market analysis in the world. The Elliott Wave Analyzer II takes it and makes it available to non-Elliotticians. This really works for traders - and works magnificently. For example, Elliott picked the Nasdaq April 2000 crash - to the day! It also predicted the amazing bull run at the end of 1999 that saw the Nasdaq Index climb from 2700 to 4200 points in just 10 weeks. Visit their site, view their examples, and you will be impressed. You are invited to download the software and run every example analysis yourself to personally verify the results.

There is a Free Basic Edition as well as a fully-loaded Professional Edition with a special promotional price. Click on the banner below and learn more about how their software can help you trade more successfully.

OptionWizard is a Microsoft Excel-based options analyzer that will assist you in determining the fair value of both calls and puts, as well as important variables including premium decay, percent to double, delta and volatility. Very reasonably priced and can be downloaded on-line for instant access.

Personal Stock Monitor Well-written, shareware trial (30 days) and interfaces with most major quote sites.

Training and Education Online education for Day Traders, Options Traders and stock market investors. The net's most popular site for Stock Market Training & Education for beginners and advanced students. They offer training courses for Investors, Day Traders, and Options Traders. Students may attend courses Online, from the comfort of their home, business or any location of their choice.

The 'Savvy Investment' E-Course Now you can take control of your own future and maximize your income by making the best possible use of your cash and entire investment portfolio. Audio interviews conducted with investment experts, online traders and technical analysts. Listen to the experts and learn from them! Get on our newsletter list to find out when new interviews are posted!

 Other Related Sites

BizPlanIt Provides business plan consulting services to early-stage, emerging-growth and established companies.

c/ We like this site for the incredible presentation of computer, technology and business news. In addition, check out their related site, which is worth at least a daily scan to get the latest on the high-tech world.

on24 is the leading personalized multimedia network for financial news and corporate information.

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